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‘Hilarious and engaging tale of a comedy club in Jenin’ – Showtime from the Frontline UK tour

In 2017, comedians Mark Thomas and Sam Beale worked with The Freedom Theatre and introduced stand-up comedy theatrical workshops which ended with the theatre’s first comedy show. As a result, graduates of The Freedom Theatre Acting School, Faisal Abu Alhayja and Alaa Shehada were chosen to work with Mark on the his show Showtime from the Frontline, about the Jenin comedy club. The trio kicked ... Read More »

‘Jinan’ brings much needed relief to children in Jenin camp

On February 10, Jinan opened to a full house at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Camp. The theatre, with a capacity of almost 200, saw a full-house for each of the eight shows it performed. The audience was overwhelmingly made up of children from schools in Jenin camp, as well as across Jenin city. In the words of Mays Assi who plays the title role ... Read More »

Al-Harah Theatre performs ‘Hetalieh’ at The Freedom Theatre

The Freedom Theatre recently welcomed Al-Harah Theatre from Beit Jala to perform their latest play, Hetalieh. Hetalieh is the story of Yousef, a little child from the small city of Bethlehem, whose biggest dream is a great bowl of Hetalieh – a traditional Palestinian dessert. Although his parents can hardly afford such luxuries, today Yousef, with both his parents are preparing a ... Read More »


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The Freedom Theatre’s new show, ‘Jinan’ is coming soon!

The Freedom Theatre proudly presents a brand new production, Jinan based on the world famous Swedish children’s book Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. Jinan is a young palestinian girl, a feminist, an optimist and a free thinker – this famous character has encouraged countless girls to believe in themselves, both in Sweden and abroad and she has become something of a role model in gender ... Read More »