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The Freedom Theatre at Festival Ciné-Palestine

Rabea Turkman

The Freedom Theatre’s documentary Journey of a Freedom Fighter will be screened at Festival Ciné-Palestine in Paris, on Sunday May 29 at 17:00 in Cinema Luminor Hôtel de Ville, 40 rue du Temple. Ahmad Al Rokh, actor at The Freedom Theatre, will be present at the Q&A following the screening. Journey of a Freedom Fighter follows Rabea Turkman on his journey from armed resistance fighter to cultural ... Read More »

An oud, a boy and a homeland


Al Oud, العود‎ (al-ʿūd) is an ancient musical instrument that until today remains one of the most popular instruments in the Arab world. For Palestinians, the oud is as much part of the collective identity as the olive tree.  Below is an account from a participant of The Freedom Theatre’s ten-year anniversary celebrations in April. She is of Palestinian origin but has lived her entire life ... Read More »

The Freedom Theatre participates in Sibat Festival

Sibat Alaa Shehada Saber Shreim

This weekend we participate in the Sibat Festival, celebrating Palestinian culture in the beautiful old city of Jenin. Alaa Shehada and Saber Shreim, graduates of The Freedom Theatre School, will present a theatre piece on Saturday 23/4 at 12:30, that talks about the history of Al-Sibat (the old city in Jenin) through the special mask technique developed by our partners ... Read More »

Statement by the Friends of The Freedom Theatre

Friends 2016

At the 10th Anniversary of The Freedom Theatre in the Jenin Refugee camp, the Friends of the Freedom Theatre from four different countries (Sweden, Portugal, France and USA – UK was not able to make it) gathered for the first time. We congratulate the Freedom Theatre on its incredible growth in the last 10 years and 5 years after the ... Read More »