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Art workshop for children and youth with special needs

Art workshop

The Freedom Theatre today concluded a one-week art workshop for children and youth with special needs. This workshop is one of a kind in the region and targets a group that is marginalised in our society, enabling these young people to be creative and discover new interests and talents. The sessions have included many activities, including drawing, painting, using playdo, ... Read More »

The Freedom Theatre comes to Sweden

Resistance through art TFT

The Freedom Theatre visits Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to participate in theatre meetings and give public presentations. October 19, at 19-21: Masthuggsteatern, Gothenburg Nabil Al-Raee, artistic director of The Freedom Theatre and Jonatan Stanczak, one of the theatre’s founders, speak of the conditions for political theatre in a refugee camp and The Freedom Theatre’s role in the Palestinian liberation movement. ... Read More »

Open letter from the Palestinian arts community

National apology

The Freedom Theatre joins our partners in the Palestinian arts community and PACBI in supporting the creators of the brilliant Norwegian “National Apology” artistic video. 3 October 2016 Norway’s Brilliant “National Apology”: Art foretelling Reality? Open Letter to Pia Maria Roll and Marius von der Fehr from the Palestinian Arts Community To the creators of the Norwegian “National Apology” Artistic ... Read More »