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‘The Siege’ US tour cancelled

The Siege

A message from the US Friends of The Jenin Freedom Theatre regarding the plans to present The Siege in partnership with the Public Theater: It is with deep regret that we announce that the Public Theater has decided not to proceed with the plans to showcase The Freedom Theatre’s The Siege in May, 2016. Regardless of the difficulties, we intend to ... Read More »

François Abu Salem Symposium in Bethlehem

Nabeel Al-Raee

During February 2-4, The Freedom Theatre is participating in the François Abu Salem Symposium in Bethlehem. The three-day symposium is a meeting platform for artists, theatre practitioners and scholars to reflect on the current situation of Palestinian theatre. The Freedom Theatre’s artistic director Nabil Al-Raee will present the theatre’s unique take on cultural resistance and other scholars will present their ... Read More »

New film ‘The Idol’ features The Freedom Theatre actors

The Idol opening

Don’t miss ‘The Idol’, a newly released film by acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now, Omar) about the life of Mohammad Assaf from Gaza who became a worldwide sensation after winning the Arab Idol competition in 2013. ‘The Idol’ was filmed partially in Jenin, including at The Freedom Theatre, and features several actors from The Freedom Theatre; Ahmed Al ... Read More »

Theatre Forum & Festival in Jenin in April

Resistance through art TFT

The Freedom Theatre’s unique take on artistic expression as a form of resistance to oppression has gathered interest around the world. The theatre is frequently invited to international workshops and conferences to share its experiences and methods. During April 4-9, there is an exceptional opportunity to explore the concept of cultural resistance in Palestine, with The Freedom Theatre’s team present ... Read More »