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Jenin’s third intifada attacked

The Freedom Bus’ new initiative “The ride for water justice”

When Palestinian jail hurts more than Israeli incarceration

The Freedom Bus ends in style

The Freedom Bus rides to Beit Ommar

Palestinians march along the wall for more freedom

Freedom Bus takes cultural resistance to the streets

Freedom Bus travels Palestine, ends in Bet Sahour

Cultural resistance: Jenin Freedom Theatre

Palestinian theatre director Zubeidi released on bail

Photo essay: Freedom Bus tour teaches cultural forms of resistance

Jenin court orders release of former Aqsa brigades leader

PA releases Zakaria Zubeidi on bail

Freedom Bus through the West Bank offers cultural resistance to occupation

The specter of a third intifada

Al Jazeera report on the Freedom Bus

West Bank village resists, week after week

Freedom Bus pays early visit to Beit Sahour 

West Bank reality showcased Freedom Bus

The Freedom Bus kicks off in the West Bank

Zakaria Zubeidi’s death fast called off

Jailed Palestinian activist ends hunger strike, amidst signs of possible release

Freedom Theatre’s Zakaria Zubeidi on “death fast” in PA detention

I will die for my freedom – letter from prison by Zakaria Zubeidi

Zakaria Zubeidi should be released now

Khan Al Ahmar: A work day in the name of freedom

Freedom Theatre’s Zubeidi to start death fast in protest of indefinite detention by the PA

Zakaria Zubeidi on hunger strike as PA detention renewed

Israel/Palestinian Authority: Charge or free Palestinian detainees

Palestinian theatre director on hunger strike

Freedom Theatre’s Zakaria Zubeidi on death fast in Palestinian prison

Give Zubeidi justice or he will die at the hands of the Palestinian Authority

Freedom Theatre calls for action for Zubeidi

Israelis arrest Palestinian Theater’s artistic director at 3 am

West Bank weapons crackdown

Israeli forces detain head of Palestinian childrens’ theater

West Bank theatre group caught in the middle

Cracks appear in West Bank city’s peaceful facade

West Bank theatre pays price for freedom

Stand up for West Bank’s Freedom Theatre

Israel uses Jenin murder probe pretext to arrest and harass Freedom Theatre staff

Play satirizes how aid donors sideline Palestinians

Nabil Al-Raee, art director for The Freedom Theatre declares hunger strike

Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre commences hunger strike

Nabil Al Raee art director for the Freedom Theatre declares hunger strike

West Bank Freedom Theatre director hunger strike

The bravest theatre in the world

Fire and chaos in Israel/Palestine

Report on the arrest, detention and release of The Freedom Theatre of Jenin’s artistic director

Israel/Palestinian authority theater group hit from both sides

The Freedom Theatre comes to Al-Walajah

A year after the murder of Juliano Mer Khamis, it’s time to board the Freedom Bus

Palestinian Playback Theatre comes to Cairo

Palestinian theatre performs stories from Egypt’s revolution

A kind of healing

Water apartheid leaves Palestinian children ill


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