Theatre News

Al-Harah Theatre presents ‘Eid with Farid’ at The Freedom Theatre

The Freedom Theatre recently welcomed Al-Harah Theatre from Beit Jala to perform their latest play, Eid with Farid. We had a full house with kids queuing for over an hour to make sure they got a front row seat! The story revolves around the family of Abu Fred, the mailman who delivers Christmas cards around the world while his wife is busy ... Read More »

New theatre club in Faquaa

As a part of our Child & Youth programme, we have initiated our first theatre club in Faquaa, a small village outside of Jenin, with a group of incredible young people! We will work with them twice a week for the next 5 weeks on a project about identity. The workshops will end with a presentation in the village, showcasing ... Read More »

Graduation for the early childhood training programme

The participants in our early childhood pedagogical training programme are about to graduate! After a year of study, the pioneers of creative early childhood education in Jenin will be honoured at a graduation ceremony on Thursday, November 16 at 13:00. This was a pilot for The Freedom Theatre and the first training programme of its kind in Palestine. The completion of the ... Read More »

Rasael Theatre performs ‘Nightmares’ at The Freedom Theatre

This coming Saturday, November 11, we will host Rasael Theatre from Nablus, to perform their play Nightmares at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin refugee camp. This play, performed in classical Arabic, revolves around an individual who has been placed in a mental health facility, for medical treatment. The play deals with corruption and hot social issues that are rife across ... Read More »