• Journey of a Freedom Fighter screened at international film festivals

    Journey of a Freedom Fighter screened at international film festivals

    Last year, Journey of a Freedom Fighter was accepted to a number of prestigious film festivals around the world (find a list here) – and this year, its journey continues...

  • Graphic designers, look here!

    Graphic designers, look here!

    Are you a graphic designer interested in getting more experience and supporting The Freedom Theatre at the same time? We have a bunch of interesting pro-bono design projects c...

  • The Siege – West Bank and UK tour April-June 2015

    The Siege – West Bank and UK tour April-June 2015

    April 2002. Spring in Bethlehem. A group of armed men seek sanctuary in one of the world’s holiest sites as the Israeli army closes in with helicopters, tanks and snipers. Alo...

  • New photo exhibition and books

    New photo exhibition and books

    The Freedom Theatre presents three brand new products by young people in Jenin, who are participating in our multimedia activities: Stories – a photography exhibition A ...

  • Join the Freedom Ride 2015!

    Join the Freedom Ride 2015!

    The Freedom Bus wis getting back on the road! During March 19-30, 2015, people from across Palestine and abroad will join communities in marginalized areas of the occupied Wes...

Theatre News

The Freedom Theatre Board member taken by Israeli army

Mustafa IV

Mustafa Sheta, secretary of the Board of The Freedom Theatre, was taken from his home by Israeli soldiers in the early hours of (March 19). Mustafa, 35 years old and father of three children, is a researcher and a journalist who is well-known for his social and humanitarian activism. He works with the United Nations and is also studying for ... Read More »

Coming soon… The Siege

Siege Ad

In the spring of 2015 The Freedom Theatre will premiere a brand new production across the West Bank and then embark on the theatre’s first ever tour of the UK. The Siege is inspired by the real stories of a group of fighters who during the height of the second Intifada took refuge in the Church of the Nativity. The play ... Read More »

The wheels are turning!..

Slide 4

We only have a couple of weeks to go until this year’s Freedom Ride in occupied Palestine begins! At The Freedom Theatre we are especially excited that this ride will involve so many of us, in different capacities. Our Theatre School students will for the first time be part of the whole ride and do workshops and performances, as will ... Read More »

April 4: Memorial and Celebration of Cultural Resistance


April 4 – a day with profound meaning for The Freedom Theatre. It is the fourth anniversary of the unsolved 2011 murder of Juliano Mer Khamis, The Freedom Theatre’s co-founder and general director. On this day, we remember and honour Juliano’s life, work and legacy, while we repeat our demand that those responsible for this crime be brought to justice. Read more about Juliano. ... Read More »