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Changes in the management of The Freedom Theatre

General Assembly 2016

The Freedom Theatre wishes to inform all partners and friends of changes in the management and leadership of the theatre. Jonatan Stanczak who has been the managing director of The Freedom Theatre for five years and is one of the theatre’s co-founders, has resigned from the position of managing director as of May 26 when the theatre held its general assembly. ... Read More »

68 years of Al Nakba

Nakba 68 years

“People who live here originally came from Haifa, Akka, Yaffa and the villages. In 1948, they were forced out of their own homes and the land by the Israelis. When people first came to this area, UNRWA gave them tents to live in, assuming their expulsion from the land would be temporary—maybe one or two months before they could return ... Read More »

The Freedom Theatre and Ashtar Theatre bring interactive theatre to the streets

Return to Palestine

In a joint project, The Freedom Theatre and Ashtar Theatre will use community theatre as a tool for social mobilisation and empowerment, through performances and trainings in interactive theatre methods. Both theatre companies will give workshops and performances in Palestine and in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. The aim is to create long-lasting networks among Palestinian populations fragmented by the deliberate policies of the ... Read More »

The heart of teaching – Stephen Wangh at The Freedom Theatre

Steve Wangh

Stephen Wangh, renowned playwright, director, author and teacher of acting, is currently doing a workshop at The Freedom Theatre School. Wangh was trained in 1967 by Jerzy Grotowski and is the author of An Acrobat of the Heart, a physical approach to acting inspired by the work of Jerzy Grotowski (2000) and The Heart of Teaching: Empowering Students in the Performing ... Read More »