• The Siege – UK tour in 2015

    The Siege – UK tour in 2015

    May 2002. Spring in Bethlehem. A group of armed men seek sanctuary in one of the world’s holiest sites as the Israeli army closes in with helicopters, tanks and snipers. Along...

  • Cultural resistance – across Palestine

    Cultural resistance – across Palestine

    During the summer our hearts and minds were focused on Gaza. As Israeli bombs were raining down on the besieged population, causing unimaginable horror to countless civilians,...

  • New play: Power/Poison

    New play: Power/Poison

    Three young brothers are home alone. Their father has left and promised to return but after some time the boys begin to wonder if he is ever coming back. The brothers are face...

  • New play: Atuwani

    New play: Atuwani

    Following the success of Our Sign is the Stone, based on stories from the village Nabi Saleh, The Freedom Theatre returns to Area C to document the life and resistance of peop...

  • Freedom Films to be screened at international festivals

    Freedom Films to be screened at international festivals

    We are very happy to announce that three of our five Freedom Films have been accepted to international film festivals. This autumn, The Racer and Maybe will be screened at the...

Theatre News

Palestinian film director denied entry to Sweden

Mohammed Moawia

Mohammed Hajibrahim, coordinator of the multimedia department of the world-renowned The Freedom Theatre in Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, was invited to participate in the 2014 Malmö Arab Film Festival but has been denied a visa to Sweden. Two of The Freedom Theatre’s films will be screened at the festival; Mr. Hajibrahim directs one of them, The Racer. ... Read More »

New play puts spotlight on gender-based violence

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 9.15.46 AM

The Freedom Theatre is currently developing a play, Askadinya, that centers around the topic of gender-based violence. The project, supported by UNESCO, started off with interactive theatre workshops with women in marginalized communities throughout the West Bank. Based on the women’s stories a play is devised and presented in rural areas, Bedouin encampments and refugee camps. It is accompanied by an educational ... Read More »

Wounded from Gaza in Jenin


“What happened was not normal, it was above and beyond what anyone can imagine… Nothing – houses, stones or even human beings remained the same”, said Ibrahim Al-Duhaineh from Eastern Rafah when we visited him and Ra’ed Al-Duhaineh, his wounded son, at Al-Razi hospital in Jenin city. When Ra’ed (26 years old) was asked how he felt, he was silent. ... Read More »

Take action for Gaza

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As Israel’s assault on Gaza goes on and the deaths, injuries and destruction continue, we encourage you to join the thousands of people around the world who are protesting. Signing petitions, writing letters, organizing demonstrations and collecting funds are some ways to take action to stop these horrific attacks and to send support to the people of Gaza. Here are ... Read More »